Do I have to be a member to order?

You can realize a membership operation which can take a few minutes to order from UP&FIT. If you do not want to join you can create an order with the options of "Continue without membership" or "Login with Facebook".


How can I add products to my shopping cart?

To add to cart the product you want to buy, first choose the color and size. Then click to add to cart button. When the product is added to your cart, cart pop-up will be opened. You can continue shopping by browsing different products or proceed to purchase the products on your cart. You can view the products in your cart whenever you like by clicking the cart icon in the upper right corner.


How can I buy the products in my cart?

When you click on "Complete order" button, you will be presented with a screen where you can register as a member and become a member if you are not one already. You can shop without being a member, but we advise you to sign up to benefit the advantages of our site.


How can I understand if my order is approved?

When your order is received, a warning message will be sent to your gsm number to confirm that it has been successfully completed. Your order information will also be sent to your registered e-mail address.


Can my order be redirected to an address that I have chosen?

We can direct your order to an address that you have chosen. Like the addresses of business, family, friends or neighbor. Please specify the delivery address while completing your order. Your order will be delivered to the billing address unless an alternate address is specified. We regret to inform you that your order can not be made to rental post boxes.


Can I make changes after the confirmation of my order ?

Unfortunately, we can not make any changes to your order in whole or in part once it is confirmed. However you can cancel your order, and place a new order

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